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For example, when checking whether the Canada Phone Number starting price use in an. Advertisement is still correct or to determine whether a bid needs to be adjusted. The average webshop and somewhat more extensive website will quickly reach that maximum execution time with advance Google Ads scripts. In addition Canada Phone Number to the size of the account and the complexity of the script. The number of accounts that are process in parallel also affects the speed. And therefore the execution time. This is especially Canada Phone Number the case with online marketing agencies and larger advertisers with multiple accounts.

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Google Ads Tips for scaling up Fortunately, there Canada Phone Number are methods and techniques available to deploy Google Ads scripts for large and very large accounts as well. When scaling up, keep the following points in mind: 1. Be aware of limits Make sure the script takes into account the limits of Google Ads scripts so that the Canada Phone Number process information can be save before a limit is reach. Set the script to run every hour. The script can then read in the previously process information every hour and Canada Phone Number continue where it left off. For example, it is possible to remove the restrictions through the set limits and to prevent error messages such as ‘Exceed maximum execution time’.

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2. Make use of MCC scripts By using Canada Phone Number MCC scripts (these scripts are add at the MCC level and can run processes for all child accounts) you also get 30 minutes extra time for the accounts together to complete Canada Phone Number processes after the 30 minutes execution time at the account level. An additional advantage is that only one version of the script needs to be maintain for multiple accounts. 3. Limit the Canada Phone Number number of accounts process at the same time For example, choose to process up to 10 accounts at a time instead of the maximum 50.

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