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 Visual Content is one form of content that is created by everybody. A bulk of the work will be done by the designer, but most of the content will be done by the content curators or social media specialists.

Types of Visual Content to Create:

  • Info graphics – Info graphics can be embed in a blog post or shared on social media.
  • Slide Shares – Social media managers lay their focus on Slide Share as a channel, and create content exclusively for it.
  • Video – Whether for YouTube or a blog post embed, short videos for the sake of entertainment or education can help you diversify your content portfolio and improve your SEO.

Not all companies have blogs or newsletters that they send out every week. Instead they may be the ones all over social media. Companies like these post a huge amount of their content on social media.

Define The Channels You Use To Promote Your Content

Now that you have selected 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers your CMS and know which type of content you’ll create, it’s time to choose the right channels. These channels are the ways you’ll use to promote and distribute your content.

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You can do two things to find the right channels:

The best way to find distribution channels is by figuring out where your main customers usually hang out. For example, as I said earlier, fitness and health niches perform much better on Facebook than on Twitter or Linkedin.

On the other side, marketing related niches work best on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter since those two platforms are more business inclined.

The easiest way is to look at the competitive analysis you performed earlier and see which channels your competitors are using to promote their content.

These guides will give you detailed strategies to find the best channels:

Develop An Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a simple document where all your content is program and where you can plan your next moves.

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