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As track from a random location in the suburban USA. This was some 400,000 results, and (surprisingly, I felt) ~210,000 unique URLs. At the time, only 29% of these URLs had any CrUX data — this is data collect from real users in Google Chrome. And the basis of Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor. It’s possible for a URL to not have CrUX data because a certain sample size is ne before. Google can work with the data, and for many lower traffic URLs. There is not enough Chrome traffic to fill out this sample size.

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This is an especially depressingly low Jamaica Phone Number List number when you consider that these are, by definition, higher traffic pages than most — they rank top 20 for competitive terms, after all. Yellow and blue pie chart showing CrUX availability for Mozcast page 1 & 2 URLs, May 2021. Google has made various equivocations around generalizing/guesstimating results bas on page similarity for pages that don’t have CrUX data, and I can imagine this working for large, templat sites with long tails, but less so smaller sites. In any case, in my experience working on large, templat sites, two pages on the same.

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Template often had vastly different DT Leads performance, particularly if one was more heavily traffick, and therefore more thoroughly cach. Anyhow, leaving that rabbit hole to one side for a moment, you might be wondering what the Core Web Vitals outlook actually was for this 29% of URLs. Bar chart showing CrUX percentage of URLs meeting core web vitals threshold. Some of these stats are quite impressive, but the real issue here is that “all 3” category. Again Google has gone and contradict itself back and forth on whether you ne to pass a threshold for all three metrics to get a performance boost, or inde whether you.

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