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Summary of the article What is e-commerce logistics? The supply chain The risks to consider in e-commerce logistics Why do e-commerce logistics? Organization of e-commerce logistics The different e-commerce logistics strategies What is e-commerce logistics? E-commerce logistics, better known by the term E-logistics , is all the management activities for the acquisition. Storage and transport of the goods that you sell on your E-shop. You must, in addition to all that, manage your site and the computer system that are linkd to your E-shop. The logistics function is made up of: Inventory management Preparation of orders : product finishing, packaging, etc. Routing _ Delivery to customer Management of returns and after-sales services e-commerce logistics With E-logistics. You ned to be instantaneous and dynamic to ensure customer satisfaction .

Optimize Inventory Order Processing This

For this, E-logistics uses the NPS or Net Promoter Score to rate customer loyalty. E-commerce logistics also requires the use of several technological tools and software packages such as ERP to forge links with other Supply Chain partners . The supply chain The logistics chain or supply chain is a network of distributors, suppliers and the transport of goods . The supply chain begins when the customer orders and ends when the customer receives the package. The management of the logistics chain or supply chain management therefore brings together all the Turkey Phone Number List passages of the goods from the wholesaler supplier , the delivery company and finally the customer. Supply chain management involves several actors in the preparation of orders , the purchase of products, storage and delivery to end customers.

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Step Consists Of Receiving Orders

There are therefore inbound or inbound movements, which DT Leads corresponds to the receipt of raw materials and packaging parts; and outgoing movements. Corresponding to the distribution of orders. A well-mastere e-commerce logistics is the guarantee of a flourishing online business (to better help you guarantee the prosperity of your online business, consult our E-commerce training guide.

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