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You may have read me writing before about local SEO seeking to build the. Online mirror of real-world communities. That’s the ideal ensuring that towns and cities have an excellent digital reference guide to the local resources available to them. Yet when I fact-checked with the real world (calling medical practices around this particular town. I found that there actually are no gastroenterologists in Angels. Camp, even though Google’s results might make it look like there must be. What I heard from locals is that you must either take a 25 minute drive to Sonora to see a GI doctor. Or head west for an hour and fifteen minutes to Modesto for appropriate care.

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Google search for gastroenterologist Bahamas Phone Number List angels camp showing about 23,700,000 results. Google has yoked itself to AI, but the present state of search leaves it up to my human intelligence to realize that the SERPs are making empty promises, and that there are, in fact, no GI docs in Angels Camp. This is what a neighbor, primary care doctor, or local business association would tell me if I was considering moving to this community and needed to be close to specialists. But Google tells me that there are more than 23 million organic choices relevant to my requirements, and scores of local business listings that so closely match my intent, they deserve pride of place in 3-packs.

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Finders and Maps Local Google map result DT Leads for Robert S. Haymond, MD, with green arrow pointing to eye-care center. The most material end result for the Google user is that they will likely experience unnecessary fatigue wasting time on the phone calling irrelevant doctors at a moment when they are in serious need of help from an appropriate professional. As a local SEO, I’m conditioned to look at local business categories and can weed out useless content almost automatically because of this, but is the average searcher noticing the truncated eye care.

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