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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Turnover You can use the e-commerce conversion rate (prospects convertd into customers) to get an estimate of your turnover . So make a projection of the traffic of your e-commerce platform taking into account the strategies that you will adopt such as referencing (whether in terms of natural referencing “SEO” or paid referencing “SEA, Adwords, advertising, etc When you have an estimate of the number of visits per day, you can calculate your turnover . Just note that in general, there are only 0.5 to 5% of Internet users who finalize their orders until the end. Margin and average basket The margin is the amount that exceds the original price of the product. Let’s take an example. Let’s say you bought a $10 product from a vendor. You then resell it for 20 € on your site.

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Your margin is therefore. You must then remove from this margin other expenses such as the price of the e-commerce site , marketing strategies, etc. As for the average basket, you can obtain it by projecting the number of products sold per order. This average basket also makes it possible to determine the turnover as well as the margin per day or per month , etc. Fixe charges These are independent charges that are not relatd to the volume of sales made. The creation New Zealand Mobile Number List of the site , the rent for the storage or the salary of the employees are for example fixd costs . fixe costs of a company Variable expenses These are the expenses relate to the operation of your business .

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Examples include delivery, site improvement, marketing strategies, etc. The expenses and the financial forecast plan must be groupd together in the part of the e-commerce business plan that concerns cash flow . You can ddicate one part for operating cash flow , another for investing cash flow, and another for financing cash flow . You can then establish a provisional DT Leads income statement to better identify the budgetd expenses and the products offere. It will be in the form of a table and will contain data such as entries or exits during the last 3 months or years. With a forecast result of the amount you ned or the amount you could earn, you will have a visual on the profitability or not for your e-commerce project.

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