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Moreover online traffic today. Many products have been killed offline, whether it is the popularity of new retail or the strong layout of mobile Internet offline, it is because the cost of online customer acquisition has increased sharply, while offline is like a blue ocean. (Offline mini-program ordering) One small step in operation, one giant leap for mobile Internet 2. Prepare early for the “Internet of Everything” in the Internet of Things era Imagine a scenario where one day we humans will be Kazakhstan Mobile Number able to connect everything around us (all objects, software, hardware). If you want to watch TV, you can turn on the TV with a glance; if you want to find a parking space, holographic glasses can show you where there is a spot. This is an ideal scenario. What WeChat wants to do, however, is to prepare well before the Internet of Things really comes. What kind of carrier we humans can use to connect with objects, whether it is brain waves or glasses, or our current smartphones, depends on current science and technology.

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QR code as the entrance. In the future, everything in the world may have its own unique code. Humans can be controlled by means of corresponding vectors. And the applet is the code of all things, the entrance of all things. Smart cars/autonomous cars are gradually Kazakhstan Mobile Number entering our lives, and the key to start these cars is likely to be your mobile phone. Just click to open my car and the doors will open automatically. This is a major alliance between Mini Programs and the Internet of Things. Not the beginning, nor the end. This kind of scene is also more in line with the real concept of running out and leaving.

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like system based on the WeChat ecosystem The mobile phone systems we are familiar with are nothing more than Android and iOS. What WeChat has to do is to build a WeChat-specific product system based on the WeChat ecosystem. How to design products in WeChat and Kazakhstan Mobile Number how to provide a high-quality interactive experience under such an “operating system” will all be new problems. And there are only a handful of companies that can do this. However, WeChat, the traffic giant, is a well-deserved number one. Google (Android) and Apple (iOS), the first two to create smartphone OS systems, are now top companies. As a platform, as a WeChat that wants to connect all things, we can’t miss this opportunity. The grand ambitions and the terrifying vision of the Tencent team make people think deeply.

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