It Doesn’t Get Any Better Does It Not More Sympathetic

Deploying a button usually goes hand in hand with the social proof influencing technique. One of the strongest influencing techniques that exist.

A few years ago I was in Cologne with my family, where we accidentally ended up in one of those old-fashioned brown bars. In that pub we discovered that there were dozens of buttons in the interior. Each button had a box in which you could throw money.

We saw people throwing money into different lockers and pressing a button. After a few seconds, two mechanical puppets stood up to play a song. Then a fortune teller began to speak and another round later a piano came to life at the push of another button.

€ 20 lighter because we wanted to press all the buttons

Because we saw all those people throwing money into those Risk Managers Email List cabinets, we naturally wanted to try that too. The result was a very pleasant evening in which we spent about € 20 extra on pressing buttons.

Risk Directors Email Lists

Throwing Money Into Those

We threw money into the machines because we saw other people doing it. Then, when I returned to the Netherlands, I told friends that they absolutely had to go to Papa Joes in Cologne because it is so cozy with all those music cabinets. Two perfect examples of social proof or social proof.

Each table has a button that reads ‘Press for champagne’ . If you press the button, the service will bring you champagne within a few minutes. The restaurant now sells the most champagne of all restaurants in London and has become a ‘ reason-to-travel ‘. People come to this restaurant especially for this button. Hellooo extra sales!

Social proof is the phenomenon where people believe that behavior is good because other people are doing it too. Or in my case: if you see someone else spending money on dolls on an accordion, you will do the same yourself.

Which button will you use for your company.

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