Is Your Sales Team Adjusting to Working Remotely? Your Intranet

Remote working has been on the rise for years, with companies. All industries letting staff work from home or on the road for varying lengths of time. This year, however, many companies that previously resisted any substantial implementation of remote working to adapt. The change has been made virtually everywhere remote work is possible. If they want to do it successfully, they need the right tools.

For Sales Teams Trying to Keep Pipelines Moving

For sales teams trying to keep pipelines moving, one of the most useful tools available is the intranet, the internal communication system that allows team members to share critical information. What many companies don’t realize, however, is that today’s intranet is a far cry from the programs of just a few years ago. No, the modern intranet not only helps staff members feel connected to other team members. But it also El Salvador Phone Number List supports everything from training to collaboration and company culture. At a time when workers feel uncertain and isolated, the intranet can increase team engagement, boost productivity and Intranet Basics – What is it?If your company isn’t using an intranet program yet, you might be a little confused about the idea. After all, doesn’t the Internet provide all the communications your business might need?

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Yes and No. Many Online Chat Platforms End Up Being

Yes and no. Many online chat platforms end up being more distracting than helpful, while emails become lagging and clogged. Within the internal network of a corporate intranet, team members can perform all major collaborative tasks, allowing business teams to connect with other departments, review past communications, and more.Employee Engagement – ​​A Pressing IssueEven before the shift to remote working, employee engagement was a huge business issue and one of the biggest reasons for low productivity and employee turnover. According to a Gallop poll, 51% of employees feel disengaged from their work and the company culture.

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