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Now is the right time to modernize your e-commerce platform . Otherwise, it also allows easy management of your store , in addition, you can choose a solution that includes the integration of your site on platforms for mobile commerce. Know that 50% of Internet users now browse from their smartphones, tablets, etc. Do not neglect this source if you want to achieve your goals. When it comes to building cheap merchant sites , the benefits aren’t that different from migrating. In order to be able to benefit from these advantages, you must choose the solution best suitd to your quest for an e-commerce 2.0 store. To do this, you have to choose between Saas and an open source solution. You can also opt for a sale from a marketplace for example.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack SAAS solution A SaaS or ” Software as a Service ” platform is, in a way, a tool available on a server. If you use it, you will not have to pay any license . In return, you will pay a subscription. Among the most popular SaaS, there is Shopify, the Oxatis platform or Wizishop. The advantage with Kuwait Mobile Number List a SaaS sales platform for your e-commerce 2.0 store is that you will not ne technical knowlege, mastery of the back-office, or anything else to be able to obtain and manage your online store . You will also be supportd by advisors in mastering the tool. You won’t have to wait several days or even months to get your online sales site or e-commerce store, also to perform a migration, since it is a turnkey and intuitive tool. The hosting of the site will not be done at your place.

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It also happens that the options are limite depending on the settings you have chosen at the start. Moreover, this is the reason for most mutations. There are several SaaS solutions like Weebly, Shopify, etc. Opt for the SAAS solution Open-source solution An open source CMS usd in e-commerce is an e-commerce solution base on DT Leads access to source code . According to the logic, a CMS is accessible for free. The working base is free, and is then fd or modifid by users. There are several open source CMS such as Magento commerce known for its complexity, but also for its reliability or WordPress not very complete but easy to use.

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