Is the community manager becoming a saturated profession

I am often ask the question of whether the profession of community manager would not reach saturation . It is true that there are many training courses, that a trend around the profession continues and that announcements are not always legion! Very often we even find announcements that are totally out of step with the main role. Are there too many community managers on the job market or are there few companies that appeal to this role? We can therefore actually wonder if the profession of community manager is not beginning to reach saturation. What about? community manager saturat, CM saturate. Let’s distinguish several aspects behind the term saturation and what new community managers who arrive on the job market may feel.

The saturation of community management

Saturation can come from an Costa Rica Phone Number List overflow of information where the CM is present, where we only talk about him! It can also be due to a perception through training centers and schools that all end up offering a community manager training course . As a result, many new community managers will arrive on the job market. Saturation is still perceived differently when it comes to exercising one’s profession and when one observes that community management becomes difficult . An omnipresent phenomenon of infobesity and the difficulty of emerging on all social networks to date are felt. There are too many community managers When we generally know that these are community managers in charge of social networks. It really suggests this saturation. However, is this the right question to ask yourself before starting.

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Which company is suitable to hire a community manager

So let’s ask the question differently, which will in no way exclude the brakes of community management and the real difficulty in exercising the profession today. Saturation is not synonymous here with a shortage of vacancies or an overflow of community managers on the labor market. This is the question to ask: which companies are suitable to DT Leads hire a community manager? Any company present on the web through social networks or in reflection on this subject, may potentially be requir to hire a community manager. In other words, almost all companies and not just profit centers, because associations, museums and all forms of institutions now communicate on these channels. They therefore all have the ability to do community management. The role of CM is becoming a key position within companies, but that does not mean that currently all have one internally.

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