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We can cite in particular eco-collecte.fr, cartouche-vide.fr, euros-cartocuhes.fr, tonercach.fr, rdemptiondecartouche.com… The list is long. Do not hesitate to consult these sites to receive easy and fast money . The price of cartridges varies from site to site. But on average, it varies from 5 cents to 3 euros . So if you have 5 empty ink cartridges at home, you can collect up to 15 euros . You will have understood: this is not Peru. But it’s still good for saving money. Sell ​​your documents to make easy money Did you know ? On the internet, there are sites that specialize in the purchase of documents. This can include a course, a poem, a market study , a dissertation or a final dissertation. They take up any type of document.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack So if you have documents that are no longer useful to you, selling them to make money would be a good idea. What bring you some money to round off your end of the month . The most interesting sites for selling documents online are: Pimido, AcaDemon, Capmemo and NeDocs. Selling to make money: what if you resell your gifts? 67% of French people prefer to resell a gift they don’t like. This is a study conductd by OpinionWay for Troc.com. Have you also receive a gift Tunisia Mobile Number List that does not meet your expectations? But you don’t know what to do with it? Don’t throw it away! Consider selling it to make money.

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The idea being to resell your gifts discreetly, forget social networks. Instead, use sites like Placdescartes to resell your gift cards . You can also rdeem your gift on the Troc Gifts website. Selling your cooking recipes: an effective method to earn money Are you passionate about cooking? Start a professional culinary blog or create a cooking ebook? Do these methods seem time-consuming to you? There is another faster and easier way to monetize your DT Leads cooking skills . What if you shard your recipes with Internet users on a specializd platform to earn money? The remuneration generally varies between 1 and 5 euros per recipe publishd. Note that some platforms offer other forms of remuneration. For example, on Cookpad, you will not be paid per publishd recipe.

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