Interview with Rainie Yang If you value your career who you are with is very important

The positive Rainie Yang, who was not idle during the epidemic, even started a new “RaiNie’s Vlog” on her Youtube channel, sharing daily moments and letting fans see Rainie Yang in a better life. On the occasion of the wedding anniversary, Dafang shared the marriage proposal video from a year ago on Vlog, which very romantic! Talking about the mood of being a wife, My mood has not changed. It the same as falling in love.

Because of the distance I will not have the feeling of entering a family. Sometimes I even feel like I am single. Because there only one person. Showing up at your own home, going to bed by yourself, arranging exercise by yourself, meeting with good sisters by yourself, I still have a lot of space for myself, and I am a married woman who very unlike a married woman. She said with a smile.

No video required I love the feeling of solidarity given by Li Songhai

Everyone very curious, how to Kuwait Phone Number maintain a good relationship between husband and wife in a long distance? “I’m really special. Many people think that we rely on video to maintain our relationship, but we don’t! Even having dinner with a friend, the friend asked him about his current situation. Why he so thin?’ I said, ‘I don’t know if he or not? he really that thin.

I haven’t seen him for a long time Everyone was surprised and asked

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Don’t you have a video?” I said, “No!”” Rainie Yang talked about their relationship mode and did not follow the video line, but every day The concern of each other is not less, especially the tacit understanding of each other, it is really difficult to describe, maybe chatting for an hour and a half.

For her, trust is basic, and the most important thing is that the other party brings her a “feeling of solidarity”! “You know the sense of steadiness, there will still be a very happy and sweet kind of thing that will not be worn away by the push of time. That steadfastness is what I have been with him all the time. Because I used to be emotionally involved. I am not a very stable person, and I will flash whenever I feel something is wrong. I found out later that what I have been looking for is this sense of steadfastness.”

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