Internal and external community management at the service of marketing

How can marketing take advantage of the community manager , in order to work on improving a company’s products and/or services? It is interesting to see how brands get closer to consumers , and how the community manager can relay campaigns, when marketing plays a participatory role. This is particularly the case when it comes to working on the search for commitment via events that would be purely marketing. Here we will develop an angle where the community manager could play a major role for the marketing department. 2 forms of community management: internal and external We will distinguish here 2 orientations management field . Internal community management is the form we know today, where the CM works on a sedentary position.

Know how to balance internal and external community management

Within brands and companies, we are Guatemala Phone Number List moving towards a new vision which consists of going out to meet our community . The interest lies in developing and establishing a relationship of trust with its Internet users, without straying from the major objective; the search for commitment. 2 forms of community management: internal and external The field community manager is the role that will be most likely to be effective in a marketing approach as discussed here. The goal is not to deviate from the primary role of the CM, but to offer it more latitude, with a radius of action that extends geographically to the location of its community, as well as to physical events. community manager job Internal community manager Internally, the community external reinforces it, while creating a relationship of trust.

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These meetings will take place in specific frameworks

It will focus on the actions to be deployed DT Leads within social networks; communication campaigns, management of pro pages and all the tasks inherent to his job. Clear ! he performs his job in the company at his workstation. External community manager Externally the field is wide, and community management here becomes a tool in the hands of marketing. The goal is always to seek commitment to the brand or company that we represent, and sometimes even beyond as we will see later. We talk about meeting your community and producing content in the field more than in front of a computer. This will have the effect of consolidating the commitment and creating intra-community links ; that is to say that you allow the members of your community to meet and exchange freely.

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