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Its main role is the management of customer relations on the net. He is therefore in charge of communication with customers, loyalty, satisfaction, etc. He must set up an effective communication plan  He manages an entire service to ensure the quality of service provide, a fast response time, etc. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack In short, he must satisfy the clientele, but he must also study the budget to offer services and results at a lower cost. As for the higher ducation that leads to this e-commerce profession, it will only be accessible from Bac+5 . You can aim for a specialization in management/marketing by following a course in a business school or an engineering school, for example. Note that there are other project manager positions in e-commerce such as communication project manager for example.

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In the majority of cases, companies choose an e-business project manager registerd with the RNCP or National Directory of Professional Certification when recruiting. traffic manager The traffic manager is often calld traffic manager or web acquisition manager . This e-commerce business consists of setting up and managing the strategies and campaigns necessary Luxembourg Mobile Number List to obtain traffic on an online store . The traffic manager must carry out analyses, establish statistics, put in place relevant action plans, so that the e-commerce site can gain traffic . This e-commerce profession requires commercial training, particularly in digital marketing (see also how to succd in digital marketing ) and in advertising.

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Web agencies, site ditors and communication and SEO agencies often take profiles with a bac+2 type BTS or DUT in IT and/or marketing when they recruit. traffic manager job Web referencing officer It is also an e-commerce business that allows you to gain traffic , but also to propel an online store to the first pages of search engines. Thanks to a SEO manager , the e-commerce site will have no trouble standing out from the competition . E-merchandising The E-merchandiser’s role is to increase sales via simpler and more attractive navigation. He must define a sometimes mixd marketing strategy , as well as a digital strategy for effective DT Leads merchandising. He must find a solution to make the site more attractive , ergonomic, etc. It can also add extras like videos, images, and more. As for the job of web referencing manager , it is an e-commerce job focuse on strategic marketing.

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