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Does a lot because we’re at home most of the year. Work becomes a form of therapy and a form of escapism. It may not always be the healthiest decision mentally, but work has gotten me through some difficult times. At least I can say that the extra effort paid off. More and more people are enrolling in my best selling program to become the Pinterest VA today! . People clearly want to invest in themselves and discover new ways to work from home. My project at has helped thousands of students continue to earn income from side business value to five figures per month, so it’s definitely been a success.

Noteworthy Business Notes

At the fall launch, I offered an advanced course for students who needed extra help. Sold out, which lets me know that students want this option. I’m excited to share the big news for next month, which will be a major game changer! I also launched Diva Dog Bakery, a passion Benin WhatsApp Number List project I’ve put on hold for years. Many years ago, I used to have a very lucrative side business baking and selling dog treats. I have found success selling my snacks on Etsy and have my own website. I’ve also found many successful in-person sales at local farmers markets and craft fairs.

Benin WhatsApp Number List

Income and Collections My dog

My dog ​​food was invited to be part of an Emmy ‘swag bag’ and it was a very surreal moment. My goal has finally been achieved! I reintroduced Diva Dog Bakery a few months ago after. I was comfortable with believing in the budget and how the Pinterest VA worked. Instead of bringing it back as a bakery, I created a class on how to start a homemade dog treat bakery. Trust the Budget to continue making money, but that’s not a priority. Different blog posts are still full of great content, but SEO is definitely a priority for me in 2021.

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