Include the Kpis in the Organizational Plan Of Course

Because as long as the intentions are not formalize in the organizational plan, accountability is actually not yet guaranted.

I myself like not to work with bulky plans, but with, for example, an OGSM or OKRs. In this way, it can clearly see the connection between broader and narrower goals and you express formal commitment to each other to work on those goals together.

When you have receivd approval on your business case, you can hold the responsible board member accountable for the corresponding budget.

In fact, there is a good chance that after going through these steps you have managd to build more trust or even get the responsibility for managing (part of) the marketing budget.

Taking steps in practice

Even if you do not yet employ a marketer, it is a good idea to start VP Business Development Email List with the step-by-step plan above. In this way you prevent the marketing function from being built on loose sand and you ensure that it becomes a business driver instead of a cost item.

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Is marketing accountability already securd at the board.

level in Your Company?

After a direction has been determind from the helicopter, you as a marketer can go wild on the ‘how’. But it is just as important to substantiate numerically within a propose. Approach and strategy why you are making a particular recommendation.

You do not yet work out a detaile plan, but you take the. Management along in a presentation in which you explain your advice in a few slides, base on your experience, benchmarks and the. Possibilities of modern marketing.

And because you calculate a business case and outline different scenarios, the management can then choose one of the scenarios. Each scenario has an associad cost and budget.

Once this choice made, you have definitively reachd ‘buy-in’ within the management. And that is a prelude to accountability, but no guarantee for that.

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