In terms of organizational ability, can your company win the rice circle?

Have you heard of the rice circle with super In terms of organizational skills?

  • The idol official announced a new endorsement, and the TAs made hundreds of millions of sales with real money;
  • On the idol’s birthday, they sent 18 real stars for cosmic support;
  • When idols collapse, TAs will never get rid of fans for idols.

How did this astounding organizational capability come about?

As a self-organization that generates electricity for love, Fanquan has a strong sense of belonging and cohesion. According to our research, organizational ability is a kind in-terms-of of “organizational memory”, which guides the “group behavior pattern” of the group. It is difficult for individuals to fight against this behavior pattern, and they will be naturally involved and become a part of it. Next, we will analyze the organizational capacity of the fan circle from a professional point of view.

The “organizational ability sandwich model” can perfectly Afghanistan Phone Number explain the formation process of the organizational ability of the fan circle.

Fanquan conforms to the above-mentioned “organizational ability sandwich model”. Its culture and values ​​are the underlying logic. Fans reach consensus on this basis and make support behaviors. It is the organizational ability formed in this way that determines that Fanquan can output military-like combat power and complete various tasks with amazing efficiency.

What’s wrong with the rice circle?

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First of all, some of the values ​​and rules of the fan circle are vicious. Under the guidance of malignant values ​​and rules, organizational actions will also slide into the abyss of error. For example, the fan circle tore up, smeared and exploded the opponent. Brushed false data, poured milk and voted… Rooted in the soil of some wrong values, the organizational ability of the fan circle grew into a “flower of evil”.

Secondly, there is also positive energy in the rice circle, but there is not enough “big fans” to guide and follow up in a timely manner, which is equivalent to the weak or mismatched “political commissar” and the human system in the enterprise, and there is no way to put the in-terms-of positive energy organizational values ​​in the The rule design level is solidified and transformed into organizational rules and organizational knowledge.

Once the organization does not have the correct rules and knowledge to guide group behavior. Fans of the fan circle or employees of the company will become more and more confused. And the organizational capacity will collapse until it collapses.

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