Product thinking in practice: “You look so good today” Have you ever used it?

“Artificial intelligence failed to make human beings unemployed, and those who engaged in artificial intelligence lost their jobs first.” This was a joke, but it became a reality in 2019. Many AI unicorns have reported negative news of financing failures and large-scale layoffs.

Except for a few ToB artificial intelligence products such as translation. Security, and quality inspection to find suitable landing scenarios and business models. Most ToC products will fall into the embarrassment of “killing chickens with a bull’s knife”. But there are also some talents who have found products that fit the user’s scenario, and “You look so good today”, which focuses on AI intelligent skin quality measurement, is among them.

Fourth, the core function analysis

The company’s product “Skin Secret” is currently in the initial stage of the product life cycle, and the product is mainly positioned as a user’s skin quality test tool. Compared with competing products, this module Thailand Phone Number has its own characteristics, but the diversity of functions is insufficient, and the granularity of sub-functions is relatively large, which needs to be further optimized. Compared with competing products, which lack the function of vertical content community, this is very unfavorable for attracting new users to retain and develop usage habits. The community function of competing products is included in future research plans as an important but not urgent task.

 Highlights summary

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  • In the test-to-test function, it involves triggering the automatic photographing process. In addition to clicking on the screen, there are many complex interactive operations. This function is relatively new compared to mainstream products on the market, so the learning cost is high. The product team helps users quickly grasp the usage method through the text on the photo page and the self-checking content of “How to take better photos”.
  • In terms of result presentation. Through radar charts, histograms and other visual data charts. As well as cartoon legends such as faces and organs, the user’s skin quality results are clearly presented. Helping users reduce reading costs.

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