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Customers often abandon their carts because the checkout process is too complicated. Consider implementing a one-page checkout, which is usually much shorter and less confusing. Crocs Greece WhatsApp Number List branded checkout page 8. Use great product images If customers can’t see what they’re buying, they’re less likely to buy your product. Be sure to include plenty of images for each item on your product pages and use high-resolution photos so buyers can.

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All Birds product pages display great product images 9. Build a social media presence It is important to have an active social media presence where you can share content and engage with customers. In addition to Greece WhatsApp Number List Google+, consider platforms like Instagram or Pinterest for more visual marketing opportunities. Customers are also more likely to buy from online stores that offer social media customer service. Give your customers the option to connect via Twitter or Facebook, and you’ll see your brand reputation and sales increase dramatically. Collage of all bird social media sites 10.

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Trying to sell to everyone. In fact, doing so often leads you to sell to anyone. One strategy is to target niche markets that typically have less competition. Targeting a Greece WhatsApp Number List audience also makes your marketing easier and more effective because you get a clear picture of who your customers are. If you can find a need in a market that others haven’t filled – go for it! One of the best ways to improve your website while targeting a niche is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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