How to seduce Chinese consumers with Alipay coupons

Since 2011, a new fever has been raging among young Chinese consumers: the race for coupons . This category of young shoppers who collect coupons and promotional offers in the form of coupons with frantic zeal has been renamed the “Coupons Generation” by somewhat sarcastic observers of this cult phenomenon. Much more than a one-time social phenomenon, a generation of “coupon hunters” has emerged to subtly but effectively influence the consumption habits of a billion people. Indeed, even the major Chinese retail leaders such as Taobao or rely on a “couponing” system to retain their customers. Often disconcerted by this phenomenon, Western brands must rethink their marketing strategy towards their Chinese consumers. If indeed the discount voucher and the cut prices can damage the image of a brand in the West, they can on the contrary guarantee it a great success in China.

Why is the couponing strategy so effective with the Chinese

Centuries of cultural heritage have Thailand Phone Number List shap the Chinese outlook and Chinese people’s relationship with money. In collective culture, long before the communist era and even with rising incomes and economic growth, frugality has always been seen as a virtue. And talking about money is not taboo at all. If you chat with a Chinese, don’t be surpris if he openly asks you how much you earn. Salary is no secret in China. When a Chinese is about to make a purchase, saving money and feeling like you’re getting a good deal are two key decision factors. This hunt for the right price characterizes all consumers regardless of their income, age or social class. This explains, for example, why group purchases and trips work so well in China. For this “coupon generation”, this hunt for bargains has become a real way of life.

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This thus makes it possible to maximize

Accustom to filling their wallets DT Leads with discount and loyalty cards of all kinds, some go so far as to get up early in the morning to queue and benefit from preferential rates on the entrance ticket to the cinema. Still others take advantage of these more exceptional offers to collect free products and samples that they keep to then offer them to their lov ones during family celebrations. Alipay, leader du couponing Alipay very early on made this love for bargains an ingredient of its success by allowing each merchant accepting its payment method to put their own promotional coupon online. Inde, each point of sale referenc on Alipay has the possibility of publishing coupons for its future customers. Once publish, the coupon appears on the merchant’s Alipay storefront and is also highlight.

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