How to make your own computer wallpaper? Change it every day and get motivated to go to work again!

Make your own computer wallpaper on average, adults spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on the computer, or 50 days a year. Whether were multitasking, working, shopping or social media scrolling weve discovered countless reasons for needing screen time. Since we spend so much time on the computer, its nice to see something enjoyable throughout the day. Customized computer wallpapers for our lock screen and home screen make our computer feel more personalized. Want to refresh your communication device lets see how to make your own wallpaper in meitu xiuxiu. Then, well give you several wallpaper design ideas to keep your creativity flowing. Step 1 to make your own wallpaper, click new in meitu or click here to. Select blank canvas from the options that appear, then enter your custom size in the upper right corner of the page.

Start with a Blank Canvas

No matter your iphone or android model, youll find jewelry retouch service the size thats right for you. Step its party time, meitu xiuxiu change background colors, add textures, play with graphics and see curved text. This blank canvas is your oyster in fact, you can even use an oyster graphic in your designs you can find it in the graphics tab in the under the sea graphic set. Open the photos and videos tab to add your own image, or choose one from our stock photo library. Want to fill a graphic or text layer as above with an image just select your layer and click fill image on the tools menu on the left. Step 3 save your computer wallpaper to your camera roll save the wallpaper image to your computers camera roll. Now that your design is complete, its time to use it on your computer. Your new wallpaper is automatically saved in our cloud storage system in case you want to reedit it.

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Customize Your Computer Wallpaper

Download your design and email it to yourself or DT Leads email directly from meitu xiuxiu. You can also open your creations on the meitu xiuxiu mobile app its also free to use. Save the design to your camera roll so it can be used as your computers wallpaper. Step 4 set the wallpaper as your computer background get your new wallpaper from meitu and save it to the camera roll on your computer. Once your image reaches its camera rollphoto destination, its time to put it on your screen. There are a few different ways users can assign home screen wallpapers, but well go through a basic one go to settings and wallpapers, then in the upper left corner find options for home screen, lock screen, or both. Choose where you want the image to be and go now computer screen beautification.


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