How to keep employees motivated and motivated while working remotely

How to keep employees motivated and motivated while working remotely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, more and more people are starting to work from home. As employers and hr professionals, how do we keep our employees motivated, engaged, and connected to organizations and teams in these times of isolation and video teleconferencing why is employee engagement important to any organization l first, it increases profitability. When people get involved, the entire company starts more profitable. L it improves retention rate. People are really involve organization. They wont want to leave. L it increases happiness in the workplace, which creates a great culture. L it increases the level of productivity. L it promotes innovation.

What is the relationship between employee

People are more innovative when they feel like they are philippines photo editor part of a companys growth. L it creates more connected employees. L it encourages better communication. L it promotes more cooperation. L it creates peoples commitment to the company, its like their tribe and family. L in the end, it increases the hiring rate and we end up hiring better people, which is the goal of every company, to get the best people possible. engagement and motivation what do you think is more important engaging or motivated employees this is a tricky one because you really want employees to be both engaged and motivated. The problem with engaged but unmotivated employees is that they generally like the company culture, but they are not as productive.

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With the rise of remote work

They may wear company shirts proudly, attend every DT Leads event, enjoy all the perks, and embrace the culture well, but this can lead to extreme situations where this type of employee is unmotivated. On the other hand, motivated but unengaged employees. Motivated to achieve their goals. They might get sales figures and attend every training to keep improving themselves, but they dont. Once they see better opportunities elsewhere, they jump ship. Therefore, we want to have a mix of highperforming engaged and motivated employees, which is essential for any company. I also want to talk about some research related to motivation and engagement. There has been a great deal of research since the 1950s, and here are some important ones.

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