How to Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

It sometimes happens that when starting a session on Windows, we arrive on a blue screen which displays in an infinite loop the message “Preparing for automatic repair”. If this happens to you, you are probably wondering why your PC turns on but won’t start Windows 10. If Windows does not start it can be due to many reasons that we will present to you in this article. Its repair can be done in several ways, either manually or automatically using professional software like PassFab Computer Management . If your computer is stuck at the blue screen preparing for automatic repair when starting Windows 10, learn 5 effective solutions to finally get out of this infinite loop. Windows blue screen Possible computer problems To know that you are facing the preparation for automatic repair of Windows , you find yourself stuck on the screen “Preparing for automatic repair” which remains frozen.

Although many methods are at your disposal

The user may also receive a Algeria Phone Number List message “Diagnosing your computer” or “Automatic Repair could not repair your PC” or the computer keeps restarting on Windows 10 Automatic Repair Tool. The main cause of this Windows system error comes from crashes or bugs which are caus most of the time when Windows license is invalid. In the event that you find yourself in one of these situations, several methods of resolution will be possible for you. Method 1: Perform a Force Restart Step 1: Simultaneously press the at the bottom right of the screen. Step 3: Then click OK to confirm the emergency reboot. All programs will be immediately clos without verification, and your computer will restart. Method 2: Boot into Safe Mode Safe mode allows Windows to start up with only the essentials.

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After validating the regional and language options

Step 3: The PC restarts and displays the Choose an option screen . Click on the Troubleshoot option . Step 4: Now click on “ Advanced DT Leads options ”, then on the next screen on “ Settings ”. Step 5: Click on the “ Restart ” button. Method 3: Disable Automatic Repair You can try disabling automatic repair so that it no longer launches when Windows 10 starts. Step 1: Click Advanced Options. Step 2: Click on Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options then Command Prompt. Method 4: Refresh or Reset Windows 10/11 If none of the previous solutions worked, the last resort will be to reset Windows 10. Step 1: Create a Windows 10 installation key. Step 2: Start your PC on the USB key.

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