How to develop your mobile audience in community management

Among the different devices consult by Internet users to consume content , we have the desktop, the mobile and the tablet. The mobile being the most consult because we carry it everywhere with us. It is even probably at the bside of the majority of users. Since Google declar that the indexing of content would be done through mobile, namely that it has become a reference for page loading times and overall ergonomics, such as the responsive design which is part of it in particular, the. Mobile First index has taken place. The smartphone is the most consulte device in front of the desktop, and as such, it should not be neglect in community management . This means that you have to be able to use mobile in your content strategy and adapt it to mobile.

The types of content will be diverse

This is particularly the case for Bulgaria Phone Number List Instagram, but also for Snap and TikTok, even if it remains possible to consult the content on Desktop. mobile in community management Social network users are ultra-connect to mobile and to capture them, certain points in terms of content must be review. The blocking point is undoubtly SEO because it involves producing specific content to obtain. Good indexing on search engines, and in particular Google. This is where one of the major questions arises in terms of itorial content for websites and blogs: Should you write short or long articles. These articles are generally taken up to ensure their sharing on social networks. It is therefore essential for the community manager to create and adapt his content for mobile user.

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We talk about the term snacking content

More than 50% of the articles position in first position on Google , are more than 2000 words. This does not mean that short articles DT Leads are outdone, but they can be host on high authority sites, sites that have adopt the principle of semantic cocoon and/or siloing allowing better meshing of content and categories. Sites can also adopt a mix of long and short content and. This is what is recommend to meet all the nes and rules in terms of content and natural referencing . The size of the content is therefore the first criterion to consider for. The distribution of your itorial articles dicat to mobile. If this is not the job of the community manager here. He will have to get in touch with the dicat internal services in order to work jointly on the content strategy.

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