How to delete an app on iPhone 3 methods

Do you very rarely or no longer use certain applications on your iPhone ? It is therefore recommended to uninstall them to reduce the memory of the device, especially when you no longer use them. It is a very simple process to follow. Here’s how to uninstall an app on iPhone: 1. How to Delete App on iPhone Directly The majority of users know this method and use it, and it is also the simplest. It does not require any external element or program, because everything is done directly on the iPhone. Just make a long press on the home screen. Edit mode will activate and you will see crosses next to each app, indicating that you can delete them. You just have to click on the appropriate icon and thus confirm the uninstallation. Make a long press on the main screen > As soon as editing mode is activated, choose the application to be deleted.

How to Delete App Not Found on iPhone Home Screen

Delete an app on iPhone 2. How to Argentina Phone Number List Uninstall/Delete App on iPhone Permanently With AnyTrans There is always a solution for urgent cases. Even if your iPhone screen has a problem, you can still uninstall apps. You just have to go through AnyTrans . It is software that can control your iPhone after establishing a connection with your computer. It allows you to perform several tasks such as transferring data, backing up the device or even deleting applications on iPad and/or iPhone . On the home page of the program, you will find an icon that allows you to manage applications on your iPhone. You can do everything from there. Download Any Trans and follow the next step Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable and launch. Any Trans pps” iPhone Apps Menu Select the applications to uninstall then click on. “Delete” Delete an app on iPhone 3.

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Additional Info on Uninstalling Apps on iPhone

Can’t find the app icon to uninstall? No problem, there is another solution to delete apps on iPhone. iOS developers have not forgotten to DT Leads integrate this functionality into the settings. By accessing it, you will find the complete list of applications that are installon your mobile. Choose the ones you want to delete then click on the delete button. Go to iPhone settings then tap on “General” and Select the application to uninstall then click on Delete app. Remove apps via settings Your profile, if link to an application, is not necessarily eliminat with its deletion. You can later reinstall it and recover your data. However, the iPhone may ask you to remove your app’s subscription right before it is uninstalled. For those who don’t like having too many icons on their iPhone’s main screen, you can remove apps and use them through the App Library.

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