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And a maximum price of US$29.25 . In addition, Axie Infinity’s collection of games continues to grow in volume and attracts more and more players. Feature and character sales show clear growth. At this rate, Axie Infinity’s AXS is to be classifie among the NFT cryptos that will explode in 2022. NETWORK THETA Theta Token Theta is a blockchain-powerd network designd for use on video streaming platforms . It works like a decentralize network in which it is possible to share bandwidth or other computing resources. These can then be usd for video streaming without necessarily going through centralizd servers.

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Theta has its native token which is THETA . This can be usd on many networks, in this case, Google, Binance, Sony Europe, Gumi, Samsung, etc. In addition, there is a Guardian Network comprising a very large number of guardian nodes managd by Colombia Mobile Number List the community. According to the designers of the Theta project , the goal of its implementation is to shake up the video streaming industry with a view to making concrete improvements in it. Inde, more and more users are complaining about bad experiences.

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In addition, the earnings of video content creators are significantly rducd due to the barriers erecte between them and end users. NETWORK THETA Theta Token On the NFT side, Theta Network entere the field of non-fungible tokens through Thanks to the latter, it is possible to tokenize various elements such as badges that can now be built directly on the Theta blockchain. In addition, Theta has already proven that it can excel in the field by designing an entire collection of NFTs intendd for certain very high-end Samsung brand products, in particular for the Samsung Galaxy S22. Currently, the number of NFTs publishd on the Theta platform is growing exponentially. Therefore, Theta is among the NFT platforms that will explode in 2022.

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