How to build a customer prospecting strategy?

Does your company have a customer prospecting strategy? Does the sales team go after new customers or do you just wait for them to show up?
The way you approach people interested in your products or services can define the future of your business and ensure more sales.
However. Following only your intuition or betting on the same approach strategies for all users can greatly reduce the chances of your business to prosper.
This is because each person who comes into contact with your brand has very different needs. Objections . And desires. So you can’t expect a single strategy to have the same effect for everyone.
You must be wondering: how to know. Then. What to do in each specific situation? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today!
Read on to learn all about prospecting and how to implement this process in your business.
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Customer prospecting consists of getting in touch with potential customers of your business and. Thus. Increasing sales.
It is the first contact the sales team will make with your persona . In this process. The sales team approaches the public and prepares approaches to insert it into the company ‘s sales funnel .
And for this strategy to bring results. It is very important to define the profile of customers and identify which ones are really interested in the products and services you are offering.

What is customer prospecting?

Some users are not yet ready to close a deal or are not interested in your solutions. That is. Investing your efforts in them can be costly and inefficient.
But don’t think that only new businesses need to prospect customers. Even successful companies put this process on their agenda.
This is because. In the business world. It is Hungary Phone Number not possible to depend only on the consumers that the company already has. And if they are no longer consumers of the company. Revenue may drop.
In this sense. It is essential to keep the sales funnel fed with new leads through customer prospecting.
Who should do the customer prospecting?
As it is a process closely linked to a company’s sales. Many people believe that the person responsible for prospecting customers should be the salesperson.

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However. When we talk about prospecting. We are referring to a first contact with the client. That is. A very delicate moment that can define the impression he will have of your company.
If this first contact is not carefully planned to deliver a positive experience. This lead may never contact the brand again.
You could see. Then. That prospecting customers is a job that should start well before the sale. Right?
It’s what we call brand awareness . People need to get to know your brand and be enchanted by the solutions you present in order to make a purchase decision.
For this step to be done well and bring the desired results. It is important that the person responsible for it knows your business well.
At the time of pre-sale. Customers must be introduced to your company in the most complete and positive way possible. It is important that they identify valuable and value-added opportunities.

But what is a sales funnel?

Of course. The seller can also perform this function. But believing that it is only he who should prospect new customers can make you miss out on precious opportunities in the phase of delighting potential customers.
Therefore. Invest in customer prospecting strategies from the first contact people have with your company.

We can’t talk about prospecting without mentioning the sales funnel. But after all. What is the concept of a sales funnel? Well. It is a strategic model capable of showing the journey taken by a customer until the sale is made — starting with the first contact with the brand.
That is. This pipeline is the representation of the path taken by the customer until the purchase – and in some cases. Beyond it. The process leads the customer from the moment he gets to know the solution offered by a brand.
This entire path to purchase is not homogeneous. Don’t forget that. That is. There are some steps that reveal how close a person is to making a purchase. In addition to discovery. There is solution consideration. Purchase decision. And sometimes loyalty.
Prospecting enters this story when a sales funnel helps in the first contact with the potential customer. At the same time. Prospecting allows you to keep the funnel always fed with new leads.
Why is it important to have a sales funnel?
As you can see. The main objective of customer prospecting is to insert new customers into your company’s sales funnel.
And for this process to be successful. It is necessary to identify at which point in the purchase journey each lead is.


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