How to become a freelance community manager in 2023

If community management is getting tougher and tougher due to competition, growing infobesity and social network algorithms that change regularly, becoming a freelance community manager will undoubtedly be a real challenge from here. to 2023. Let’s discover the possible ways to exercise an independent CM role in the year 2023. Become a freelance community manager in 2023: how to do it? If the years pass and are not alike, it is the same for the digital professions which are also subject to the effects of time. Between saturation of the web, difficulty in emerging due to infobesity and competition that is increasingly difficult to counter, community management must nevertheless clear its way. So for those who wish to become a freelance community manager at the dawn of 2023, you will still have to learn to diversify and not put all your eggs in one basket.

Is basic community management still profitable

The knowledge of companies on Benin Phone Number List community management is also much better and they know that being present on social networks is essential and that it can bring them visibility, but not only! The freelance community manager will therefore have to integrate these parameters, and properly hone his discourse on his job and the expectations of his clients. Let’s not forget the obstacles in community management which will hardly help the CMs who are starting out. Paradoxically, companies know the role better, after so many years of talking about it in every sense of the word, but everything becomes more difficult in parallel, and with expectations that do not differ.

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The basics of the profession of community manager

If the community manager is not a salesperson , he is still a pillar that leads to the success of a company present online. The natural DT Leads referencing piloted by SEO experts, will complete a logic in terms of visibility to be acquir. In addition to the elements of the profession as we know them, new technologies are add with virtual and augmente reality and of course the Metaverse. On their own, they will again upset habits in terms of consumption, but also on the social aspects and on communication. The management and animation of the communities will differ significantly due to a slightly more real representation of Internet users. It is here that we will discuss the moderation of behaviors that will have to be integrated into community management. Follow a community manager training: the basics.

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