How to attract Chinese customers during this Chinese New 

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China during which all Chinese families gather. This year, the Chinese New Year will take place on January 25, 2020. 1.4 billion Chinese citizens are preparing to welcome the Year of the Metal Rat. This year announces the beginning of a new cycle since the Rat is the first animal in the list of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. 2020 ending with the number 0, it is therefore the Metal element (planet Venus & color White) which will be honorewith the Rat for the following 12 months. In addition, during the Chinese New Year, r envelopes are making a comeback. For the Chinese, everything good comes in a r envelope. What should I know about r envelopes? Call in Chinese, the famous r envelopes contain silver bills. Their r color is linkto luck. In China, it is the color of good fortune and protection.

The year of the Metal Rat Venus and the color White

Red drives away evil spirits. These Saudi Arabia Phone Number List r envelopes are given as a gift at the most famous festivals and parties in China, they can also be given as a wedding, birthday or graduation gift… Hóngbāo are also us in the professional setting. They can, in some companies, be offered as a bonus to the most deserving employees. In the Chinese tradition, these r envelopes are offer to children and young people by their older relatives. However, when a young adult starts working, he is suppos to give the money not only to the children, but also to his parents and grandparents in order to show respect and gratitude. Rd envelopes dematerialized by WeChat Pay: Over the past few years, e-wallets have taken over from physical currency in China, making the country a leader in e-wallets worldwide. wechat-r-pocket.

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Which destinations do the Chinese choose for their New Year holidays

The Chinese have started using their messaging app to offer money to their acquaintances through a dematerialized red envelope. It was DT Leads the WeChat Pay giant that first introduced this option during the New Year in 2014. It was also a strategy to attract more and more users to the application. A strategy that bore fruit immediately, since 16 million red envelopes (1) had been sent via the application in the first 24 hours. Two years later, in 2016, 3.2 billion red envelopes were sent via WeChat Pay(1). In 2018, WeChat had 1.08 billion monthly active users (2). As a result, WeChat Pay has demonstrated that tradition can and can adapt to technological advances, by adapting the ancient Chinese tradition of red envelopes to new technologies. Alipay introduced the same option later.

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