How to Attract Chinese Customers with Influencers

Do you want to take advantage of the wave of Chinese tourists that breaks into France every year? Influencer marketing, the first acquisition lever in. China, is your best weapon to gain notoriety among hundreds of millions of Chinese. Internet users via social networks. Use an influencer – or KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in the jargon – to promote your point of sale to Chinese customers. Who are the Chinese Influencers? KOL is a popular Anglicism on Chinese social networks. Acronym for Key Opinion Leader, the influencer is better known as “wanghong” in China . This term refers to bloggers, celebrities and public figures who have an audience on social networks ranging from tens of thousands to a few tens of millions of subscribers. They allow brands and companies to reach their audience in exchange for gifts or more often, compensation.

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There are also community groups Turkey Phone Number List on Weibo and WeChat, artists and comedians, and even lambda profiles who have made themselves known through their exploits or accomplishments. Driven by the virality of their digital content, these KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) have made a name for themselves on the. Chinese web and have become opinion prescribers closely followed by Internet users. One of Chininfluencer known for selling a $5 million rocket launcher in seconds via live streaming. With 37 million audience for a session, it made a record of 3 billion RMB in sales in a single day of sales (376 million euros). Chinese customers, a generation of “digital natives” Chinese Internet users are much more active online than Europeans because they have quickly taken the turn of the mobile revolution.

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Increase its sympathy capital with its customers

Therefore, They are keen on community, sharing and social ties. When browsing the Internet, the Chinese want to consume mainly entertaining DT Leads and fun content, hence the dazzling success of video-sharing platforms. In Europe, consumers are 5 times more likely to buy a product recommended by an acquaintance on social media than by traditional marketing techniques. And Chinese consumers are no exception to this rule! They are even more receptive to influencer marketing on the web. The biggest Chinese social networks like. WeChat, Weibo and now live-streaming platforms like Douyin, have quickly integrated the daily lives of. Chinese Internet users who have proven to be the most active in the world. WeChat alone has 1 billion users.

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