How to accept Visa or Mastercard in France The complete guide

Bank cards currently called “The essential standard” of payment. They’ve been around since the 1920s. Since then, we’ve seen the creation of corporate credit cards, debit and deferred debit cards, and even virtual credit cards. Cashless and contactless have become essential to the modern economy. And all over the world, merchants can count on the cards to collect their customers and make a profit. According to statistics, 99% of customers can complete their transactions if the merchant offers these 3 payment methods: Visa/Mastercard – Paypal – Transfer. In this article, we will detail the importance of accepting credit cards on your store, as well as the steps that will allow you to integrate them in-store or in e-commerce (Example of Visa card). Payment by card in France: No matter what type of business you have, accepting card payments from your customers is surely paramount.

How do I open a payment account to accept

The value of card transactions Germany Phone Number List reached 608.8 billion euros in 2019. 11.8 billion payments were made by card in 2019. million merchants accept card payments. The average value per card payment is rapidly decreasing. This is the result of the increased use of this means of payment even for transactions of very small amounts (1 euro or more). This replaced the cash-settled transactions previously. The preferred means of payment for the French is undoubtedly the bank card. Easy to use, accepted by all French merchants. In addition, all cards issued in recent years allow contactless payment. Without entering the card’s PIN code, the customer can pay for purchases up to €50 just by bringing the card closer to the payment terminal. This method is appreciated by both merchants and users because.

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Why accept Visa cards on his store

The reasons for accepting Visa on your DT Leads physical store or e-commerce are very simple: Visa is the largest card network in the world: Visa cards are issued in over 200 countries. 3.8 billion Visa cards are in circulation. In 2021, 232.5 billion purchase transactions worldwide are made using Visa payment cards. Visa recorded $13 billion in transaction volume in 2021. Visa provides merchants with assured payments with greater customer reach; and offers consumers a safe and convenient way to pay. How to accept Visa in physical store or e-commerce? Choose payment gateway: A successful payment integration starts with choosing the right payment gateway and what they can offer you in terms of solutions and services. It is the entity that allows merchants to accept payments in their stores.

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