How to accept UnionPay in France The complete guide

Accept by 35 million merchants in China, UnionPay, also known as UnionPay International, is the Chinese credit card specialist. Creat in 2002, UnionPay is the Chinese national payment scheme, operating under the control of the Central Bank of China. Any bank issuing Chinese cards must be a member of UnionPay. In China all cardholders most likely have one from UnionPay. Its mobile application, launch in 2017, surpass 150 million users in September 2019. Its popularity abroad is not to be ignor either. Currently holding twice the market share of Visa and 3 times the market share of Mastercard internationally. The group was recogniz as the world leader in payment cards in 2019, with 8.4 billion bank cards in circulation worldwide. whole, making it the leading bank card network in number of cards issu. UnionPay International has also been the leading banking network by transaction volume since 2015.

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Contact our team UnionPay in a Oman Phone Number List few figures: The UnionPay International group is present in 178 countries and regions and its cards are accept by 56 million merchants worldwide. More than 50% of new cards issu worldwide are UnionPay International cards. In France, UnionPay cards are now accept by around 80% of ATMs and at more than 250,000 merchants, including Galeries Lafayette. Longchamp, Sephora, Printemps, etc. 0 cases of fraud have been observed since the introduction of the. UnionPay International card in France in 2006. In 2018, a 10% increase in the volume of UnionPay International transactions carri out in France was observ in just one year. UnionPay in Europe : As report by Les Echos and The Financial Times, UnionPay is an alternative for European merchants.

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A UnionPay International card has become

After starting with a trial run in Europe, the group now claims that its cards are accepted by more than 60% of merchants accepting the DT Leads card. Who can integrate UnionPay? After its launch in Europe a few years ago, the UnionPay card has evolva lot and can now be accept by the majority of merchants in the European Union, except in certain sectors consider “High risk” or even prohibit by the Chinese government. . To find out if you can accept UnionPay on your business, contact our team. Contact an expert 5 benefits of integrating UnionPay on your e-commerce in France: Accepting UnionPay International in France means for your company: 1. Connect to the largest network of cardholders globally: UnionPay is the most us payment method for overseas Chinese customers.

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