How SEO Myths Can Cost You

Every day a new search engine optimization myth is born; unfortunately, an old myth does not die every day. The net result is a growing population of myths. These are nearly impossible to crush because snake oil sellers keep perpetuating them – even bringing them back from the brink. You can speak at conferences until you are blue-faced. You can develop definitive SEO checklists or even write a top-rated SEO book (eg, The Art of SEO ). I for one hate misinformation and misinformation, and the SEO industry, unfortunately, is full of it. I’m going to do my part to fight this menace and spread the truth – exposing some of the most insidious myths in this very article. And now, without further ado, the list.

You can prevent search engines from indexing pages

They’ve been so abused by spammers Canada Phone Number List that engines haven’t put stock in them for years. In fact, Google never supported this meta tag. None of the various meta tags have any real weight in the ranking algorithm. If you set a meta description, Google uses it in the snippet. We already learned from my last column (“Anatomy of a Google Code Snippet”) that this is often not the case. Adjusting your meta description is the way to maximize the conversion potential of the Google snippet. As I’ve described in this article, snippet content can be cobbled together using data from multiple sources. There is an ideal keyword density value that you should optimize on. Find it by measuring KD of your high ranking competitors. Placing links in a tiny sized font at the bottom of your homepage is an effective tactic for raising the rankings of your site’s deep pages.

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There are unique ranking signals for Google Mobile Search

Google’s algorithms are obviously more sophisticated than this dirty trick. Google penalizes duplicate content. I’ve long said it’s a filter, not a DT Leads enalty. This may seem like a penalty due to the resulting drop in rankings, but Google’s intention is not to penalize accidental duplication due to tracking parameters, session IDs and other pitfalls of the canonization. H1 tags are a crucial element for SEO: SEOmoz research shows little correlation between the presence of H1 tags and rankings. Still, you should write good H1 titles, but do it primarily for usability and accessibility, not so much for SEO. Bolding words in a Google listing means they were considered in determining the ranking. Fact: This phenomenon — known as “KWiC” in information-seeking circles exists for convenience only.

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