How long does SEO take to take effect

This is a question that is legitimate to ask when you meet an agency specializ in SEO : “ How long does it take before my site is position in Google search results?”. The answer you will often hear is. “It depends”. At GDA, it seems important to us to go into a little more detail about the criteria that influence the appearance of SEO results . Does SEO take time to show results. Depending on many parameters inherent to your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) can take from a few weeks to several months to give convincing results. Your site is young? Have catastrophic natural referencing actions been carri out upstream. So positioning your website on the first page of the. SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will SEO work has already been done.

The number of page views per session

The advantage of long-established UAE Phone Number List websites The age of a website is an essential criterion for SEO. Inde, according to a study conduct by Ahrefs , 88% of web pages that are position in the top 10 rankings on the SERP have at least 2 years of existence for a given keyword . The pages that boast in the first place of search results are on average 3 years old ! Looking at websites as a whole, only 5.7 % of web pages less than a year old rank on the first page of Google results. It’s certainly not much, but it means that even if your company ‘s website is fresh and, perhaps, free of any upstream SEO work , you have the possibility of making a place for yourself in the big leagues . But in how long? Between 2 and 4 months to position yourself in the first 10 results Also according to. Ahrefs , we find that the majority of. Websites up to a year old are position in the first 10 results of the SERP in 2 to 4 months on average .

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Other important SEO criteria for your ranking

In fact, it is essential for your activity to better manage your content strategy upstream in order to rank in DT Leads due time on your request. This is call predictive SEO . So, if you want to increase your chances of appearing in a good position for Valentine’s. Day, you will have to start publishing content optimiz for this purpose, ideally from November. Low and high search volume keywords The spe with which your site will position itself for a given keyword also depends on the search volume of this one. It will inde be easier and faster to appear on the first page of natural results for queries. With low search volume , less competition . 50% of pages less than. A year old rank in the top 10 search results within 2-4 months for low search volume keywords.

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