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Remember if you or your team are going to create such content. Agree on the core topics you want to write about Start with the basics what do you want to write about. It can be easy to go off-piste very quickly whilst brainstorming, and while making connections between ideas isn’t a bad thing, you ne to be able to focus on topics that follow this structure 1. What do you have the cribility to talk about. What is the collective knowlge. Wisdom, and experience of your company. What are the topics that you can cribly talk about that no one else  or very few others  can.

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The thing to avoid here is coming up with Turkey Phone Number List topics that appear to sit too far away from what your brand does. If someone looks at your topic and asks “why are they talking about that?”, then you may have a problem. 2. What topics will resonate with your audience? Think about the topics that your audience wants to read and learn about. What problems or challenges do they have that you can help ucate them on? Put yourself in their shoes and ask what they’d expect to read when they visit your website. 3. What do you want to be known for? Finally, what topics does your brand want to be known for.

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This is an important question because DT Leads you may well have topics that resonate with your audience and that you’re crible to write about, but do you want to? This is especially important if your company is trying to change the perception of itself, or perhaps expand into new areas or product lines. What’s the right execution? It could well be that long-form content isn’t the best way to execute your idea. The worst thing you can do is start the process by saying “I want to produce a 5,000-word article.

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