How does Silkpay become a sustainable start up

Sustainable development within Silkpay: Sustainability is very important to Silkpay’s mission. With our payment methods, we strive to help merchants and consumers reduce their paper waste and carbon footprint. The rise of e-commerce has already been positive, as it is a step in the right direction. By digitizing payments, merchants can become more environmentally conscious. Cashless payments help minimize paper and energy emissions used to produce coins. A lot of time and energy is spent creating paper. On average, 1 tree can produce about 17 reams of paper. It takes about 100 years to reach this size. Producing paper from these trees will release a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. By removing the trees that absorb this excess CO2, we continue to have a negative impact on the climate.

Cashless payments to preserve the environment

Therefore, reducing the use of Denmark Phone Number List paper in purchases could have a substantial impact on our carbon footprint. Cashless payments are also important in reducing the harm caused by using ATMs. ATMs have become a problem due to their contributions to the standardization of cash payments and the waste of electricity generated to withdraw cash at any time. The Institute and Faculties of Actuaries claim they are one of the worst payment systems for the environment. Coin production is expensive and uses natural resources and energy. Even the transport of currencies produces thousands of tons of CO2. Moreover, physical credit and debit cards also contribute to climate change. Plastic money presents its own environmental risks. Cashless payments remove a lot of consequences.

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Small habits make big changes

At Silkpay, we are dedicated to sustainability inside the office and outside of the workplace. Walking, cycling, the subway and other DT Leads forms of public transportation are all popular modes of travel for our employees. None of our employees drive to work. In the office, we use sustainable items like recycled paper and other supplies. When business trips are necessary, we prefer to travel by train throughout the European Union rather than taking cars. We have taken additional steps to reduce our carbon emissions by banning unnecessary emails. At Silkpay, we prefer to talk face to face. We chose sustainable options. Equality is a priority at Silkpay: At Silkpay, we are committed to creating an equal working environment for our teams. Through an agreement signed with La French Tech, we have set diversity and inclusion goals for the company.

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