Have to Face Sooner or Later

And it can be done as a very good side hustle. Honestly, I don’t really think anyone would be interested. But I decided to post this idea to my Facebook page and my private group. The reply is so India WhatsApp Number List funny haha. Within 24 hours , hundreds of people have asked me to give a course on it! Probably one of the biggest reasons is that most of my audience finds me through Facebook ads. I reached over 1,000,000 readers in 2017, and most of that traffic came from the ads I ran for less than 5 cents per click

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I went back to my friend Mike and told him I wanted to co-create a Facebook class. Before I started doing this type of work, I was a bandleader with no marketing experience. A former lawyer India WhatsApp Number List who taught himself how to run ads, he now makes $25,000 to $35,000 a month. I figured if anyone could teach inexperienced people how to run them and get customers, it would be us.

Face Sooner or Later

India WhatsApp Number List

This is the most requested service I have seen from clients. The reason is simple – they are much cheaper (not to mention more effective) than traditional advertising methods. For example, I have a marketing client who wants to create a magazine ad for their business. It India WhatsApp Number List cost $10,000 and there is no way to prove how effective it really is! Facebook is quite different. Business owners can see exactly how well an ad is performing using data provided by the Facebook ad platform, and the system we teach demonstrates exactly how many leads are brought in from a particular ad campaign.

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