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As this is a first collection, it only includes 10,000 tokens . However, its holders will benefit from multiple advantages, including a ticket valid for life to participate in the lotteries organize by Lucky Block. The average payout is $10,000 . Even better, a raffle among all the buyers will allow some of them to win a monetary reward of 1 million US dollars and a Lamborghini . Although the popularity of this NFT collection is due in part to the hype of the meia, most of the crdit goes to the visionary and experience team that sits last. Its ambition is to revolutionize the game and to continue in the world of NFTs. By the way, also see our guide on: What to invest in to be rich: Top 12 of the best investments . Check out this guide if you’re looking for a better place to invest your money. NFT CyberPigs Base on Ethereum blockchain technology, CyberPigs are an NFT collection of 10,000 previously mind pig characters .

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The concept is basd on the following short story. Research into genetic modification has evolve so much that humans have decidd to experiment with the results on pigs. However, not everything went as planne, so in the end, the pigs were endowd with strengths and intelligence surpassing those of humans. They attempt to control the earth while evolving their species. NFT Cyber ​​Pigs Thanks to Tokens, owners of these NFTs can benefit from interesting Bolivia Mobile Number List features. As these are game NFTs , each character has an appearance that characterizes them. It also has its own sped, strength, intelligence, attack and defense stats. Therefore, fights between pigs are possible in the game. Another interesting detail: the crossing of male and female CyberPig generates a CyberPig with the statistics of its parents.

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Note that on each sale of CyberPig made. Will be paid into a community pool which is then responsible for distributing them to holders once every three months. Those who keep NFTs for a long period of time will enjoy increasing payout rewards as the price of the NFT increases. In short, buying CyberPigs now can pay off big. Because these NFTs are without hesitation to be listd among the NFTs that will explode in 2022. Real Animals NFTs The developers of the RealAnimals NFTs matchd the animals depictd on their NFTs with real animals existing in the real world. With 6,666 NFTs, they collaborate with 6 organizations campaigning for the rescue and safeguarding of these in Asia.

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