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You must choose your intervention in its management carefully. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month Pack OFFERT The risks to consider in e-commerce logistics What you must consider above all when choosing your e-commerce logistics is the requirement of online customers . Inded, they have many more assessment criteria and more requirements than customers in the real store. These online consumers cannot see the quality of the products up close and they are more strict about it and especially about delivery times . When these customers are not satisfie with your service, they can leave a negative opinion on your site and change e-commerce store.

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This type of incident has a direct impact on the notoriety of your site and the volume of sales since more than half of the customers first consult the opinions before buying. It is therefore necessary to anticipate and plan all logistics operations to avoid dissatisfid customers as much as possible . In addition, these are the center of e-commerce sales. Order tracking is therefore the key to ensuring customer loyalty . Another risk not to be overlooke in e-commerce logistics Tunisia Phone Number List is the cost incurre in the transport and logistics of goods. The budget you ddicate to the transport of the goods as well as any returns must be taken into account. Why do e-commerce logistics? E-commerce logistics is not just about delivering goods to customers. It also manages deadlines , stocks , distributors and above all, e-commerce suppliers ( see how to find an e-commerce supplier.

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Logistics management must therefore achieve several objectives: do e-commerce logistics Deadline management There are several deadlines that you must take into account. The supplier or internal logistics deadline, the production and packaging deadlines for orders and the delivery deadlines . These large discrepancies can DT Leads distort the time that the E-merchant gives the customer for delivery. It is important to analyze them well to give a fair delivery date to the customer. You must manage and analyze three deadlines well: The expectd time. A period that the customer deems acceptable to receive his package. It is not fixe and may change depending on other factors. It is use as a basis when publishing. The announce deadline : this is what you announce to the customer when he places the orders The actual lead time : the period between shipment and delivery to the customer. A good control of these deadlines allows a good management of the logistic flows.

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