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Conversion percentages above 10% or sometimes France Phone Number well above 20%. I continue to find it bizarre. However, on Amazon it is reality. Advertising is a fantastic way to get your products visible to a huge audience. You can also easily waste a lot of money through advertising. In this article, I’ll give you 8 tips about advertising on Amazon. To achieve a conversion rate above 10% at Amazon, your products must be on page 1 of the France Phone Number search results. One way to achieve this is to do a good launch action. I discussed this in detail in a previous article . The advantage of such a launch strategy is that your product will France Phone Number quickly reach page 1 organically and get a lot of free traffic to your listing. Another way to get your product on page 1 of the search results is through advertising.

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Nowadays also called Amazon advertising. Here France Phone Number are 8 success factors for advertising on Amazon: 1. Don’t start advertising until you have some 5-star reviews You can of course start advertising if you don’t have any reviews yet. In contrast, my experience is that your cost-per-sale is a lot higher than if you already France Phone Number have some good reviews. Consumers simply like to see social proof . Do you France Phone Number always have to have 5-star reviews? It depends. If all my competitors have 5 star reviews I wouldn’t advertise if I only have 4. This is really a waste of your money.

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Then make sure that you put this money into France Phone Number improving your product. After all, having a very good quality product is the foundation of success on Amazon. Also read: Your products in no time on page 1 of Amazon I would France Phone Number only advertise with an average of 4 stars on your product if all other competitors also reach an average 4-star rating. 2. Only advertise on your products with high conversion rates France Phone Number The conversion rate of your product has a major effect on the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Suppose there are two sellers who sell a similar product at the same price.

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