Freelance community manager how to make yourself known

There are not 36 solutions to sell well in freelance community management ! If the role of community manager is partly aim at gaining visibility for brands and companies, wouldn’t it be the same for him. Shouldn’t the freelance community manager also work on his own visibility and personal branding? The story of the shoemaker with the worst shoes is still a reality for this profession, but it is nevertheless the best business card to promote to its customers. How to sell your role as a freelance community manager , which aims to seek visibility , when we ourselves do not manage to have it to sell our services? This is an company. And although this is the basics, many people miss this rule by launching without even a minimalist plan or at best a strategy.

Make community management known the basis

Ask yourself and think about an Croatia Phone Number List action plan, in order to achieve the objectives that you absolutely must set for yourself. Word of mouth can work but it’s not enough to have a job all year round. In addition, stiff competition is established in the field of freelance community management. Getting start as a freelance community manager Some CMs manage to get people talking about them through their work within a company, and before going freelance. However, the cases are quite rare, and some CMs even end up having to start from scratch, for lack of real personal branding work upstream. What you will work for a company as a good community manager , you will leave it when you leave! We will often only remember the before trying to sell himself in turn.

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Freelance community manager versus influencer

Community management is a profession DT Leads that appeard approximately in the years 2009 in France. For many people, this is a logical continuation of forum moderators, whose only role was moderation and sometimes a little animation. The race for the best engagement rate or its improvement was not then an anchor notion among moderators. Freelance community manager versus influencer Engagement became a real issue when social networks began to impose themselves in the spheres of the web and the social media landscape as a whole thereafter. Making a name for yourself at that time, when these channels were emerging, was really timely. Many influencers today have taken advantage of these waves of gained their influence had they come later.

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