Founders of Online Stores

So about six months after I started the site, I walked in and quit my teaching job to blog full time, even though I only brought in $3 in Google Adsense income haha. It was then that I discovered that blogging was not a get-rich-quick business model. I spent about three months without Iceland WhatsApp Number List making any real money from my blog. So, I have to figure out a way to make money or I’ll have to get back into teaching (which I really really don’t want to do). I had a little epiphany when I browsed the website of the local jeweler who made my wife’s engagement ring.

Into Creating Founders of Online Stores

They have a blog and try to reach people on social media, but the quality is low. I know I can do better because I’m starting to grow into a millennial money man very quickly. I came up with the idea of ​​me Iceland WhatsApp Number List managing their website and writing content for their blog, and a few weeks later, they hired me! That gig slowly turned into a full-fledged marketing account, and I started working on getting them to rank higher in Google, doing email blasts, and running their Facebook ads.

Iceland WhatsApp Number List

of Online Stores

I now run my digital marketing business in addition to running Millennial Money Man full time and brought in nearly $200,000 online in 2017. I was talking to a friend of mine named Mike Yanda who runs an Iceland WhatsApp Number List dedicated Facebook ad agency and when we were talking about some of the things I’m doing with my blog he mentioned that I should create for my readers A Facebook Advertising Course.

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