Foreign tourists can now pay with Alipay and WeChat Pay in China

Chinese e-wallets will be accessible to foreigners visiting the Middle Kingdom Previously, making a trip to China was not easy, especially when it came to means of payment. Those who have already traveled to China will inevitably remember those little moments when you couldn’t pay for your taxi, your train ticket, a mobile top-up or when you couldn’t even pay for a dish at the restaurant. The most common phrases that cause these refusals are. “We don’t accept cash” or “we only accept Alipay or WeChat Pay” The payment experience in China could therefore be a barrier for international tourists. Alipay and WeChat Pay did not allow them or expats living in China to link their bank cards to the payment services of Alipay and WeChat Pay . These two electronic wallets are the most used means of payment in China with more than one billion active users.

This is an essential step to access functions

Alipay and WeChat Pay now accept Singapore Phone Number List international bank cards! (1) Alipay Official Tweeter -program that allows foreign visitors to pay with international cards in China. Alipay and Wechat Pay announced their partnerships with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Global network, and JCB to allow foreign visitors to link their international cards to Alipay and WeChat Pay. Good news for future travelers to China. Tourists can now make payments like locals via QR codes. In order to login to Alipay account , 3 pieces of information are required, users need a phone number, a valid Chinese visa and their bank card. They can top up their e-wallet with a maximum amount of 2000 RMB, or approximately 259 euros.

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The number of tourists to China is increasing every year

The unused amount will then be refunded DT Leads within 90 days to the bank account associated with the user’s credit card (2). According to the Chinese government, the number of tourists visiting China is increasing every year due to the relaxed visa procedures. In 2018, 30.5 million (3) tourists visited China, an increase of 4.7% (3). During this period, tourists spent 73.1 billion dollars (3). The opening of Alipay and WeChat Pay to international tourists in China aims to make life easier for visitors, while improving their experiences. Therefore local traders can also benefit from increased spending by international tourists. This openness to foreigners has created a challenge for American giants like Visa and Mastercard who have so far struggled to conquer the Chinese market.

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