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Quite a heavy-hand solution although it is easy to implement. Link-level nofollow Link-level nofollow, so by this. I mean if we took our links on the main laptops category page. That were pointing to these facets. And we put a nofollow attribute internally on those links, that would have some advantages and disadvantages. I think a better use case for this would actually be more in the listings case. So imagine if we run a us car websit. Where we have millions of different us car individual sort of product listings.

Some Compromises That We’ve Had

But occasionally a celebrity might upload Chile Phone Number List their car or something like that, or a very rare car might be upload and that will start to get mia links. So we don’t want to block that page in robots.txt because that’s external links that we would be squandering in that case. So what we might do is on our internal links to that page we might internally nofollow the link. So that would mean that it can be crawl, but only if it’s found, only if Google finds it in some other way, so through an external link or something like that. So we sort of have a halfway house here. Now technically nofollow these days is a hint.

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To Achieve Here To Economize On Crawl

In my experience Google will not crawl pages DT Leads that are only link to through an internal nofollow. If it finds the page in some other way, obviously it will still crawl it. But generally speaking, this can be effective as a way of restricting crawl budget or I should say more efficiently using crawl budget. The page can still be index. That’s what we were trying to achieve in that example. It can still pass PageRank. That’s the other thing we were trying to achieve. Now we don’t really want Google to be wasting its time on these individual listings, depending on the scale of our site perhaps.

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