Filing a trademark at the INPI

More and more entrepreneurs are leaning towards innovation for the creation of their business. However, with the creativity and innovation they show, it becomes very important to protect their brand as well as their box. To do this, they often have recourse to the INPI , an institute specializing in the protection of their brand. Above all, I want to clarify that the content of this article is the result of research, not an essay by a jurist or lawyer. This article will allow you to better understand the importance of registering a trademark and to know the steps. What is the INPI? The INPI, abbreviation of the National Institute of Industrial Protection, is a. French public administrative body where any creator of a trademark or patent can protect it by registering it and no other company can use it. Found in 1951, this institute is limit to. French territory. However, in order to protect his industrial creation on an international scale. The entrepreneur can have recourse to other global organizations such as the WIPO (World Organization for Industrial Protection).

What are the costs associated with filing a trademark

It should also be not that the INPI has many missions in parallel with the industrial protection of creators. It also supports innovators Brazil Phone Number List through specializ programs to show them the importance of this procedure, and it actively participates in the implementation of French and international rules and laws relat to industrial protection. A trademark deposit protects the entrepreneur for 10 consecutive years, renewable after this period. The total cost of this procedure is estimat210 when filing electronically, otherwise 250 for a paper version. Trademark registration is link to three classes of activity. In order to benefit from another, the cost increases by 42for each class. Considering the duration and benefits, this cost is consider derisory.

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Why register your trademark at

If you take the risk of not registering your trademark, you may be drawn into a long process of change and unnecessary expense. If you enter DT Leads into litigation with another brand, you will have to spend a lot of money on legal fees, administrative paperwork and expenses relat to changing your brand or status. By registering your trademark, you will be much more present on the Internet, because you will build your brand image. Without the risk of taking everything back in the event of a dispute with another trademark. On the other hand, thanks to the registration of your trademark, you will build your clientele without being discrit if you ever lose your trademark. Making yourself known and proving yourself on a market is also synonymous with the sustainability of the company.

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