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Each survey lasts an average of 15 minutes. All you nee to do is register on a survey platform and create an account there by filling out a form. You will then receive emails as soon as there are surveys corresponding to your profile. As for remuneration, count on average 150 euros per month if you regularly participate in surveys. To boost your earnings, be smart: register on several survey platforms (Swagbucks, Ipsos-iSay, My Opinion Account. Read paid emails Another simple mission that you can do to have easy money: reading mail . Yes, it really does exist.

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Obviously, with this type of small job, do not expect a big salary. Each email read will only earn you a few cents. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Again, you should register on two or three platforms to get more  missions and thus earn a few extra euros . Sites to visit South Korea Mobile Number List for paid emails: Mailorama, Moolineo and Gaddin. Get money with cashback Are you use to shopping online? Consider going through cashback sites to get a refund. Indee, when you order online via a cashback site (Igraal for example), your purchase will be partially refundd.

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Igraal indee obtains a commission each time a customer buys a product from one of their partner brands via their site. And as a buyer, you benefit from part of the commission receivd by the Igraal site. If you want to save money on your shopping, do not hesitate to test this trick. Test applications and websites You can also become an app or site tester to earn pocket DT Leads money online . Your mission is to visit a site or application and test its usability . After the test, all you have to do is give your opinion by writing a small report or by answering a series of questions. become an application tester On the remuneration side, you can expect to earn around 7 euros for a test of 15 to 20 minutes.

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