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But don’t forget to prepare them for local webcare Qatar Phone Number and community management. Without support and training, your local project may die a silent death. You can also think of a helpdesk, so that the entrepreneur can Qatar Phone Number always contact a specialist within or outside your company if in doubt. Step 4: Facilitate content Creating content for social media is not for everyone. You have to be able to Qatar Phone Number design, write, and also think like a marketer. So make sure you facilitate the local entrepreneur and his/her team.

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For example, make a number of content posts Qatar Phone Number available every week that they can place and promote themselves. Or provide clear templates for your content, so that the entrepreneur can get started with it. Of course, local marketing on social media works best if the stores also work with content in addition to your brand Qatar Phone Number content, as in the previously mentioned example of SPAR. Facilitate them in every possible way, for example by making logos, house style and visual material available. Also Qatar Phone Number read: Facebook Shops: how to get started [infographic] Step 5.

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Convince the entrepreneur of Qatar Phone Number advertising We all know that social media is useless without advertising. Organic reach is declining in favor of advertising . Certainly with the Facebook networks (Facebook and Instagram), but also with newcomers such as Snapchat. It must be said that the organic reach for local pages Qatar Phone Number is often a lot higher than for large brand pages. This is partly due to the fact that local stores have a smaller, more loyal following base. Logically, the bond you have with a local store Qatar Phone Number is greater than with a national brand. But advertisements are indispensable.

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