Eyal Gutentag Discusses Management and What the Future

This is not the first time that Eyal Gutentag has helped companies through difficult times. As a leader in performance marketing, EyalGutentag has extensive experience in supporting creative teams through difficult times to drive growth. While the coronavirus presents tremendous challenges, in some ways this hurdle is no different from any other.When a market goes through a major change, companies often have to reassess their business plan and adjust their approach. As the world hopes to reopen, many are curious about the future of businesses after COVID-19.

We Don’t Know Exactly What the World Will Look

we don’t know exactly what the world will look like in 6 months, let alone in 6 weeks. To survive the pandemic, management will need to be ready to adapt to demand.In this interview, we asked fast-growing leader Eyal Gutentag how managers can guide their teams as the coronavirus pandemic continues.How should managers approach the well-being of their employees as we continue to navigate the pandemic? Many industries have Egypt Phone Number List already faced economic crises. But few have faced something as emotional as the coronavirus. As leaders, we must recognize that this pandemic continues to be a health crisis first and an economic crisis second. The well-being of our employees includes their physical, emotional and psychological health. These aspects of health are, and always have been, extremely important.

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During and after COVID, managers must approach

During and after COVID, managers must approach their team’s wellbeing holistically.Individuals may experience economic, medical, or social stresses throughout the pandemic, and these concerns may persist after COVID. It is important to emphasize that there is now room at work for all of these experiences, and they do not need to be swept under the rug. Managers can promote holistic health by regularly engaging in Egypt Phone Number List honest conversations with their team members. Encouraging dialogue with colleagues creates a space for employees to voice their concerns. When leadership also engages in these conversations, the team as a whole is . As we navigate this new normal, an open environment is key.

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