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In addition, you keep a much better overview and prevent Sweden Phone Number you from missing something. First select the campaign you want to export Then click on the arrow Then click on ‘Set export: selected’ Screenshot of how to export the campaign to Excel. Step 7. Edit Sweden Phone Number fields in Excel Open the just exported file. You will see that there are a lot of columns Sweden Phone Number in it. You can ignore many of these columns. You will also see many columns where the name speaks for itself. Such as ‘Ad Set Daily Budget’.

Facebook Ads Sweden Phone Number

This is the daily budget for an ad set. In my example this is set to 1 (euro). Example Sweden Phone Number of the ad data in Excel. Columns that are important or need explanation: Ad Sweden Phone Number Set Time Start : The campaign start date. You must remove this column before doing an import. This is because Facebook Ads can give error messages. Ad Set Time Stop : The campaign end date. It is Sweden Phone Number also better to remove these before you do an import.

Sweden Phone Number

Adjust the Sweden Phone Number

Frequency Control : here you indicate the maximum Sweden Phone Number number of times someone is allowed to see an advertisement. Addresses : the geographic targeting of an ad set (I’ll get to this in more detail in step 8). Link : the link you use in an ad. You can make Sweden Phone Number these specific per location. Title : The title in an ad. Body : the body text in an ad. Link Description : the Sweden Phone Number piece of text below the link in an advertisement. Image Hash : The code associated with an image.

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